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Our rugged, lightweight devices are a perfect fit for data collection, inventory management, merchandising and communications tasks in tough industrial environments. In applications from manufacturing to warehousing, our handhelds can send data wirelessly in real-time, create robust reports that sync seamlessly with App, integrate with onsite machinery for status tracking and help you assist customers with a wealth of information right at your fingertips.



Rugfone mobile phone work reliably in the most demanding situations because they are resistant to vibration, shock, water, temperature changes, A rugged phones in tough situations can save lives. There are many examples where a rugged phones is used for outdoor activities.Anywhere anytime Rugfone mobile will never let you down.



In environments where only the toughest mobile phones will survive, Rugfone mobile phones are proven in the field around the world.The old days of mining are well and truly gone. Today, smart system are the key to making mining operations more efficient and profitable.

Overall, worker safety and operational productivity are directly influenced by smart and reliable operation system.



It is not hard to see why construction workers require rugged equipment. But what might not be so obvious is how construction workers can use rugged phones. From carrying blueprints to the field and not having to worry about wind or rain making a mess of the paper, or doing on site job calculations, to keeping track of on-site inventory, rugged mobile phone can increase efficiencies, decrease costs and help keep the job on track.



Whether its use is mission-critical or just to make your job a little easier, agricultural demand for rugged mobile technology is increasing. Our devices keep up with the latest agriculture technology innovations, help to track livestock with RFID, manage farm inventory, run irrigation control systems and more. We offer affordable rugged options that you can depend on.

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